International school -

Students with an international background at the hbf/is

The "Schule für Hochbegabtenförderung/Internationale Schule am Otto-Schott-Gymnasium Mainz-Gonsenheim" (hbf/is) offers a German school education for students from an international background. As the school's program is based on the German curriculum of the Rhineland-Palatinate secondary school (Gymnasium), a corresponding pre-qualification as well as a good command of the German language are required.

In general, the hbf/is is suited for German students or students with some link to Germany in the family, who have lived abroad for a while and wish to (re)integrate into the German school system. The hbf/is helps and supports the students during this process of (re)integration. Please note that the hbf/is does not offer an international school curriculum. 

Please contact us for further information.